The history of The Sacret Birman in Estonia.


First Sacred Birman cats were brought from Finland to Estonia by Kaja Lemmik. These first cats, SF*JoJon Qing Tuijian (SBI a) born 02.11.1992 and SF*JoJon Tabby Hihuan (SBI n21) born 29.11.1993, were male.

The breeder of these cats was Terttu Meriläinen. Both cats earned the highest title- European Champion (now called Supreme Champion).

In addition to the title, SF* JoJon Qing Tuijian lived to be 21. years old. SF* JoJon Tabby Hihuan passed away early due to having two pesakond In Finland and one in Estonia with Alla Šuba’s cat.

First female Sacred Birman cat arrived in Estonia in 1996. Born 29.11.1996, her name was Neige-Cristal Tendresse (SBI g). She lived in the Klaudia cattery, and her breeder was Tellervo Kass. The cat earned the title- Grand International Champion. Tendresse passed away at the age of 18.

Klaudia Soots is the first Estonian Sacred Birman cat breeder. On 15.11.1998 her first Estonian Sacred Birman litter saw daylight.

The second Estonian Sacred Birman litter was born 18.10.1999 in Daikatana cattery. The breeder was Alla Šuba.

24.11.1996 – Klaudia, owner Klavdia Soots

05.03.1999 – Daikatana, owner Alla Šuba (not active)

12.12.2008 – Herencia, owner Maaris Paukson

14.08.2009 – Alsiade`s Fleur, owner Merike Sepp

17.09.2009 – Kitty Glamoure, owner Ege Kuldma (not active)

29.10.2009 – Sweet Katicat, owner Kati Valkenpert

07.05.2010 – Aramante, owner Andres Parts (not active)

19.01.2011 – St.Ifferini, owner Ivar Eensoo

17.03.2012 – Ly Khaleesi, owner Karin Paas (not active)

05.06.2014 – Magnificent Meow, owner Kristel Eismann (active in Sweden)

27.08.2014 – Brilliant Blue, owner Helen Jõeäär

07.04.2016 – Flora Feles, owner Annely Pilk (not active)

13.04.2017 – Jewels Twice, owner Kaire Pihelgas

09.08.2017 – Dalisay Biru, owner Eda Liski

23.02.2018 – Kadrioru Birmad, owner Kristjan Veges (not active)


All of our catteries are a part of the Estonian Cat Breeders Association Felix, which in turn is a part of the international Federation Internationale Feline or FIFe since 1994. The cats compete at FIFe exhibitions and a few, from time to time, in the CFA system.

Most of our larger and more active catteries also belong to the Sacred Birman Alliance of Finland – Pyha Birman Kissa ry. The breeders St. Ifferini and Magnificen Meow are a part of, in addition the Sacred Birman Alliance of Sweden – Birmasällskapet. Magnificen Meow is also a member of Swedish Västerås Cat Club.


On the 18th of October 2021, Klavdia Soots (06.02.1947-18.10.2021) passed away. With her passing, cattery Klaudia also closed it’s doors. This marks the end of an era in Estonian Sacred Birman history

  1. 1.01.1989 –  21.12.2011 the club Felix releases records that 145 Birmans have been registered in Estonia, 27 of them brought in from aboard.
  2. Cats have been imported to Estonia from countries like Finland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. By now we can also look at a large number of Birmans bred, born and raised right here in Estonia.
  3. One of the cat owners, Jana Mölder, put together a website for all our Birmans in 2010, where, in addition to various catteries and individual cats, information on new litters of cats and achievements at exhibitions can be found. That website can be regarded as the predecessor of our common Birman club.
  4. 15.11.2012 three breeders, Klavdia Soots, Kati Valkenpert and Ivar Eensoo founded the Estonian Sacred Birman Breed Club, which is also the very first cat breed club in Estonia that’s aimed at one specific breed of cats. The club is not only oriented towards catteries but also the kittens that are given new homes. Here’s hoping that this club will set a landmark in our world of Birman cats and shine a light towards an even brighter future.
  5. 29.10.2017 – To this day, all 11 Sacred Birman breeders in Estonia belong to our club.
  6. 12.05.2019 – since that date breedery Sweet Katicat, owner Kati Valkenpert, has been excluded from the club

Members of the board from 2012-2018:

President- Ivar Eensoo

Vicepresident- Kati Valkenpert

Honorary president- Klavdia Soots

Members of the board from 2018-2021:

Ivar Eensoo, President

Helen Jõeäär

Maaris Paukson

Cousler of the board, honorary President – Klavdia Soots

27.11.2021 a new board was chosen in a meeting:

Ivar Eensoo, President

Eda Liski



Kati, Ivar and Klavdia (2012)

Kati, Ivar and Klavdia (2012)




December 2022